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  1. Help!!! I would be very grateful if any body has stories or pictures of my now past family. Which I regret to say are fluttering away in my memory as they past away in my child hud any info or any stories I would be most appreciated to hear about they are James (Jim Lloyd) my grandad and my mother (sue Lloyd… Hayward) please email me any stories or I gone about them I would love to here from you.
    Thanks in advance matt hayward

  2. ive just browsed you blog .very interesting.i worked with a chap that was born in great wyrley.he was a charachter.a nice chap his name was ian ross he worked at casting brownhills for years .then retired have not seen him since may be 12years.but did hear some good news about him .he won the lottery in a syndicate.he was always on about growing up in 1950s in great wyrley.

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