About Us

The Society was started in 2009 by a small group of enthusiasts. We believed the heritage profile in Great Wyrley was a rich seam that could be tapped in an entertaining manner for Society members and others in the local community.

Our team and supporting officials is :-

Gary Smith – Chairman & Press Relations – 01922 418546 

Diane Tolley – Secretary, Diarist & Photo Archivist – 01922 414417 diane@mstolley.plus.com

Trevor Pearce – Treasurer – 01922 414387

Pam Ball – Vice Chairperson & Events – 01922 278178

Paul Ford – Archivist

Geoff Nixon – Website Coordinator

John Walker – Archives

Fred Pritchard – Honorary President

Gary Smith
Tony Newell
Trevor Pearce
Pam Ball
Pauline Kelsey
Diane Tolley
Lynne Davies
Geoff Nixon

Since we began :-

  • Monthly coffee mornings have been held with guest speakers

  • Periodic evening addresses have been held

  • Quarterly magazines have been issued to members

  • A ‘Review Book’, ‘Reflections Over the Years’, ‘Our Village’ and ‘History in the Making’ have been published.

  • Participation in a range of community events, such as the Carnival, and St.Georges Day Celebration have been regular features.

  • Annual ‘Open Days’ have been held.

The list of activities continues to evolve and they will be included in the monthly news summary. Following are visual examples of some of our activities to date.

Our Operating Centre is the Senior Citizens Centre building in Broadmeadow Lane, Great Wyrley. The Centre plays host to a number of clubs and Organisations in the village and surrounding areas. It is also used by individuals and groups for ad-hoc parties and events. For further information, including hire costs and availability at anytime, please contact Pauline Kelsey on 01922 414647.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. my nan has told me stories about supposed hauntings at jacobs hall(grey lady), can you tell me anything more about them, and about a murder(strangling) at darky lane? Thankyou

  2. @Nicky – I believe you refer to Little Wyrley Hall. If you google that, you’ll find some information about the property

  3. My ancestors lived at “Old Hall, Great Wyrley” but I think may have been what is now a Pub and Restaurant.

  4. can anyone tell me anything about the old hall off lime lane /gorsey lane inbetween pelsall and great wryley .i cant find any details or information about it ?? many thanks

  5. items you may find interesting:
    In Bentons lane about half way up on the right hand side from the A34 stands an old (now modenised) farmhouse.This was for many years occupied by the Heafield family. In the cellar are many old Roman stones from the path thar used to run from the A5 yo Wyrley.
    The farmhouse was used by the police as a meeting place during the horse maiming mystery. The real truth about this matter was handed down by the descendents of the family, to be keep secret until such time that no person involved remained alive.
    As of now no person remains alive with involvement in this matter and the truth could now be told. I am prepared to do this providing my idenity is kept seret, I want no publicity.
    The methodist chapel on the A34 as a secret room and passage ,it takes two people to operate the concelled mechanism in the compressor room.

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