Where is this?

The Parkland Estate

St. Mark’s Church

Wyrley Hall

Quinton Shopping Centre
(building of the houses in the background)


Then & Now
A collection of photographs showing  how different areas looked years ago & how the same place looks today.

1st photo is of the Walsall Road & shows Dakins garage which stood opposite todays Esso garage. 2nd photo was taken May 2009 of the same place.

1st photo- is of the Old Post Office on the Walsall Road. Landywood. 2nd photo is of what it looks like today. photo taken May 2009.

Looking towards the Swan Public House in the 1900’s The same view May 2009.


Mystery Photos


3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I believe the notice is opposite the back of Davy Lamp public House, on a wall by a window to the right of the Quinton Fish Bar.

    I hope this helps.

    Bill Manwaring

  2. To David Anslow,

    I should be grateful for any information about the Quinton Estate and the builder B.K.Jackson & Son Ltd. Did he build the whole of the estate and how long did it take? Bertram Kenneth Jackson (b 1906) seems to have been a small local builder although he had a son, Kenneth B. Jackson (b1935).BKJ is listed in 1932 Kelly`s Directory as a builder living at 46 Queen Street, Pelsall Wood, Walsall, which is still there.
    Do you know whether the firm still exists?

    I would appreciate your help with this enquiry.


    Bill Manwaring.

  3. Concerning your request for information about the site of the Right of way notice.
    I can only suggest that it was somewhere on the land which is now known as the Quinton Estate.
    B K Jackson were a builders in Walsall and they began development of the estate in the early 1960’s.
    We came here in 1966 and have lived in Kempton Drive ever since. I seem to remember a similar sign posted on the shopping precinct area, I think on the end of the building where the Telephone kiosk and the Library now is. i.e the entrance way to the Co-op.

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