Open Day – 21st October 2023

Our next open day is 21st October and will take place at the Senior Citizens Centre in Broad Meadow Lane  11am to 3pm.

The theme for this open day is a “Yesteryear Walk Through Our Village” which will be set out in an easy to follow display, starting at Gilpins on the A34, the Northern end of the village and continue to the most Southern part of the A34 at Keepers Cottage.

We have a pictorial display for the length of this journey showing buildings both commercial and private that are of interest and which gave service to the village. Some of us of a certain age will remember most if not all of these facilities, while for the younger generations amongst us it will indicate how the village has changed over recent decades, also for residents that are new to the village you will see how it has evolved into what we have today, well worth a visit to see where we have come from to how we all fit in today, to all new residents a very warm welcome to our village from our Society.

There will be other displays on view that will be of interest to everyone and also a craft table with donations from local crafters for you to view and purchase from if required, all the proceeds of which go directly to the Society to help keep us operating and offering our monthly coffee mornings, outings, speakers etc. For non members there is the opportunity for you to join and be part of a great Society, we are at present approx 80 members. All attending will be made very welcome.