The Olympic Torch comes through Great Wyrley

On Saturday 30th June 2012 even the weather couldn’t spoil what was to be a memorable day in the village.

I have never witnessed such a sight, with rain pouring down my neck and having to shield my camera lens I was part of this happy throng. An estimated 10 to 15 thousand people was said to have lined the Walsall Road from Churchbridge to Holly Lane, Great Wyrley. People, young and old spilt off the pavements in anticipation of seeing the Olympic Torch coming up the main road. As the torch was making it’s way towards The Star Pub Field, where I was standing, people were cheering and clapping at every passing police car and motorbike. Even with such an heavy presence of the law the crowds were allowed to encroach into the road. Finally the cheers could be heard coming from further down the road signalling the torch coming closer, outriders and transport carrying the following runners that were to take the torch on its journey, the noise announced the torch bearer was with us. The runner looked so proud in carrying this torch. People clapped, waved flags and cheered as he came passed us, hundreds of cameras attempted to seize the moment and then he was gone, you could hear the cheers as the runner made his way up the village and on to the next town. It was worth all the planning and the road closures. Myself and many thousands of people are proud to say that they were there to see the torch being carried and would go away and say to ourselves we were there when the torch came through Great Wyrley.

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