July 2014 Newsletter

derek-france-july-2014smlThe coffee morning address by Derek France provided an entertaining insight into the world of speedway racing in the 1960’s and 70’s. Derek (known as Rick) during his racing days had racing enthusiasts in the audience who also recalled the thrilling times.

The August and September coffee morning addresses will be given by Jo Dyke on ‘life in the 1950’s’ and Dave Dunham on ‘The Great War arms / sniping tactics’ respectively.

The Society Committee strives to put on a variety of topics at the coffee mornings, as seen by the recent and future speakers. It is looking for feedback from members on speakers they would like to hear, if possible.

The Senior Citizens Centre has held its A.G.M.; it was agreed that charges to the History Society would be unaltered for the next year.

As part of the Great War project, the Society has supported the restoration of the plaque at the Institute on the corner of Norton Lane. Dr Paul Collins recommended a professional stone restorer (Brian Gibbs). The work was completed in July. The pictures below show the plaque ‘as was’ and ‘as now’ after completion. It means the fading plaque laid in 1870 is now preserved for future years.


A broadband facility has been successfully installed by BT at the Senior Citizens Centre. This will facilitate the proposed genealogy/ family history/ library access facility planned to start in September. It is provisionally planned for the 4th Thursday each month.

Also, as part of the Great War project, the Imperial War Museum has been visited. It recently re-opened after installing a new Great War hall. This is in addition to the extensive displays already in place.
The visit allowed some of our artefacts to be discussed with their experts and, also, to consider the feasibility of the Society visiting the Museum in 2015. Personally, the whole site was a thrilling experience that advantageously used new technology to further the overall experience. Members are to be asked if they want to consider a visit in spring / early summer 2015, if possible.

A big activity behind the scenes is the transcribing of burial records as part of the Great War project. Diane is painstakingly working away and maintaining a steady output. It would be of tremendous assistance if other members could provide support, as possible. It is a task that can be fitted in with available time. Please ask Diane for further information.