August 2015 Newsletter

John Palmer gave an interesting and entertaining talk at the coffee morning on how he became interested in puppets. He bought along beautifully made puppets he had made himself and we are looking forward to a return visit early next year.

The upcoming coffee mornings provide contrasting themes. In September, we welcome Anthony Hunt speaking on ‘local murders’ and in October, Graham Sleigh is speaking on ‘the local music scene in the 1950’s and 60’s’

Puppets, local murders and music demonstrate the wide range of topics that the Society tries to include in the coffee morning sessions and we welcome members suggested topics and speakers. Pam looks forward to receiving feedback at any time.

As part of the Society Great War project, detailed work has been on-going on the burial records for Great Wyrley cemetery. Daz Butler from the Cheslyn Hay Society has been leading the activities with detailed support from Di. It is nearing completion. During the work, an informal partnership has been maintained with the Parish Council. It is hoped that, in the near future, the newly-created digitized burial records will be made available for review with the Parish Council for their consideration and future use, if desired.

The Society has been invited to, and will participate in, the Cheslyn Hay and Bridgtown Societies annual exhibitions and open days. See ‘Events Summary’ for details, as known at present.

We have confirmed details of our Society annual event / open day. It will be held at Harrisons Sports and Social Club on November 21st. The main themes have been defined and they will be further refined in the next few weeks.

Part of the planned themes for the annual event / open day is the launch of a Review. Gary, with support from Di, has been working on it for several months and has unearthed previously unseen photos and stories. The initial draft is finalised and is being checked out.