Tribute to Terry Challenger (Grigg)

Ten years ago I was introduced to Terry and wife Sue by Trevor Pearce, they had been life long friends. Together, a group of us founded the Great Wyrley History Society, after seeing the growth of the Cheslyn Hay History Society. Terry played an important roll, he was our first Secretary and formed part of our committee. We started doing small exhibitions and stalls at the local carnival, where Terry was always on hand to help, whatever the task. We never always saw eye to eye, as he was ‘gold and black’ and myself ‘blue and white stripes’ but we worked well together.
Due to Terry’s breathing problems, he left the society, as it became to much for him. He took up a new hobby playing computer games, when his son Chris introduced him to Runescape and the World of Warcraft. We still had contact, but noticed that his breathing was getting worse. He would use a scooter to get around and would carry an oxygen tank, which he became reliant on.
The last time I saw Terry was at the Great Wyrley Carnival, about six months ago. He didn’t look too bad, but I could see then that he was in some discomfort. I got to find out how Terry was through Trevor, and of course, later told me Terry had passed away on Sunday 2nd December 2018. I always respected Terry’s straightforward speaking, he would call a spade a spade, so I hope he has found a partner up there to continue his internet gaming. Click here for full service tribute
Gary Smith

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