The Edalji Vase

Out of the blue came a phone call from one of our members, his words were “would you like something from the Edalji’s?” Naturally I replied yes. It conspired that this lady (which I shall come to) had befriended the daughter of the Reverend Edalji, Maud. Before Maud went to London to be with her brother George, she thanked this lady and gave her as a token of friendship, a vase. The lady was a Mrs Laura Edmunds, who in turn gave it to her daughter Gladys Bate after passing away in 1984 her son Robert acquired it.

The story goes on that after the Rev Edalji died in 1918, Charlotte, Edalji’s wife moved to Shropshire after clearing out the Vicarage, Maude accompanied her mother to Coalbrookdale to get her settled in, on returning Maude gave Mrs Edmunds the vase before moving to London to look after her brother George and that ends this little story, but where was the vase made, the dates which I was given were probably around 1918-1920. Is it foreign or perhaps English?