60th Magazine Milestone – June 2024

This magazine is the 60th to be printed and published, thanks to all that have contributed to the success of the Society, the photos and stories in the past 15 years that you have given to us to use in our magazines.

Back when the society first started up, someone said to Gary ‘it wouldn’t last 6 months’ and here we are, on our 60th Edition of the magazine, we have produced four history books, soon to be five and we will be having our first plate up in the village.

Most of you have been with us from inception, sadly not all, we have lost, as I always say friends not members, along the way, our Committee is mainly as we started, some have dropped off others have passed away, but we’re still going strong, possibly stronger now than ever.
Our magazine and web designer Soeli Thomas we thank very much, our printers, Printmonster from Cannock, have always been most proficient in their dealings with us and nothings too difficult or minor in our dealings.
Getting that of my chest, I hope you’re having a good summer and things are good with you, the sun’s shining and we are at the longest days of the year. We held
an Open Evening in March, we were very pleased with the outcome and with the amount that came, people we’d never seen before but had picked it up on Facebook, we shall do it again throughout the year.

We held our trip to Apedale Heritage Centre on 6th June 2024, it was a great day out with loads to do for all ages. It was amazing having a tour down the mine and hearing about Apedale Valley history and industries.

St. Georges day was a success and met many of you there, also looking forward to the Carnival. We shall be having book launch for Paul Ford’s book on the names on the gates of the fallen soldiers at the Memorial Gardens, this will be at the Community Centre, we’ll keep you informed.