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  1. I would be so grateful if someone can help me. In 1851, my great great grandmother, Sophia Lane, worked as a servant to the Crutchley family at Bank, Extra Parochial Cheslyn Hay. She had an illegitimate baby in 1852 in Brewood! I can find no record of her after 1854 (when she had another illegitimate baby!). I am trying to find where Bank, Extra Parochial Cheslyn Hay was and what it was like living there in 1851.

  2. Hi can anyone help I’m looking for pictures of the Milk Float repairers who were on the star road track just off Jacobs hall lane Great Wyrley, I believe they were called Reynolds or Raybold unsure does anyone know and does anyone have pictures of the cottage and yard that was there
    Many thanks in advance

  3. Hi,

    Could anyone give me a bit of history on the farm that was on wardles lane and Quinton Avenue, next to St Marks church? The name of the farm, when it was built? Thanks in advance

    • Hi, I think I’m right in saying that the farm adjacent to St Mark’s Church was originally the land to Wyrley Hall, which is now Olde Wyrley Hall. As I understand it my great grandparents lived there. My grandfather and his brothers were brought up there, born in the early 20th century.

  4. The ‘unknown’ picture on the left side has my Grandmother, Alice Maud Pritchard on the far right. The lady next to her is a cousin whose name escapes me. She lived opposite Astbury’s Yard in Bridgetown and had something to do with dancing. The man on the far left could be my Grandfather Enoch Pritchard but I am not100% sure, probably because he always wore a cap. Perhaps the trilby was for best and outings.

  5. Do you have pictures of the terraced houses (now demolished and replaced by bungalows) next to the old post office (517 Walsall road). Apparently there was a prisoner of war camp on the field opposite.(next to Jacobs hall lane) my mom has been reminiscing and I would love to find photos for her 80th next month.

    • I believe the terrace you refer to was known as Plant’s Building.
      If so, the ‘prisoner of war’ camp was not for PoWs but for what were known as ‘displaced persons’, in this case mainly Polish but also Ukrainians. If I am right, the camp was not opposite the terrace but on the same side of the road stretching from Holly Lane and down behind the houses on Walsall Road.
      Apologies in advance if I’m mistaken.

      • Since my previous post I have further researched the camp in Landywood. The website shows a Polish Merchant Navy College established in 1947 and closing in 1951. The website shows photos of the camp and its residents including one with local land girls. The students of the college are elsewhere described as Polish ex-soldiers.
        It seems likely that this was the camp that Lisa’s mom remembers. I used to walk up Walsall Road at least twice a week to my grandparents’ house near Holly Lane and I’m sure I would have noticed a POW camp. It also seems unlikely that a POW camp would be sited next to an A road.

  6. Came to see Gt. Wyrley Memorial Gates today. I’m 97 & my fathers name is on the plaque. Have a lot of knowledge about the area.

  7. We are researching my wife’s ancestor named Titus Fellows who’s gravestone is in the south west corner of St Marks churchyard. it is only one of 3 remaining since the churchyard was levelled and is not orientated in the usual east/west alignment which makes me think it was moved.
    Does anyone know when the churchyard was levelled and if there are any records showing positions of graves before.
    Any information about this or of Titus or the Fellows family would be greatly appreciated.
    Andrew Davies.

  8. Hello.

    I’m currently looking into the history of GirlGuiding in Great Wyrley. When it all started and how it was ran? Hoping to put something together for the District. It would be lovely to know if anyone has any information on GirlGuiding in Great Wyrley.

    • We are just in the middle of gathering some information about the Girl Guides, will email it to you in the coming weeks, once it’s all gathered together.
      Gary Smith – Chairman

      • Hi there,
        I have only recently joined this group, but would be really interested in learning about guiding in Great Wyrley.
        Don’t know if it’s any help but, my mum was the Tawny Owl/ Brown Owl in late 60’s/70’s of 2nd Great Wyrley and I was a Girl Guide/ Ranger during Betty Craddocks era of captain.

  9. Help!!! I would be very grateful if any body has stories or pictures of my now past family. Which I regret to say are fluttering away in my memory as they past away in my child hud any info or any stories I would be most appreciated to hear about they are James (Jim Lloyd) my grandad and my mother (sue Lloyd… Hayward) please email me any stories or I gone about them I would love to here from you.
    Thanks in advance matt hayward

  10. ive just browsed you blog .very interesting.i worked with a chap that was born in great wyrley.he was a charachter.a nice chap his name was ian ross he worked at casting brownhills for years .then retired have not seen him since may be 12years.but did hear some good news about him .he won the lottery in a syndicate.he was always on about growing up in 1950s in great wyrley.

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