September 2014 newsletter

South Staffordshire Council enables a ‘Walk for Health’ group to operate in the village. As part of the Great War commemoration, a walk was arranged on September 6th between Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay. It was attended by Gavin Williamson, M.P. with a large turnout of walkers attending and was supported by both Cheslyn Hay and Great Wyrley Societies.

walk-for-health2 walk-for-health3 walk-for-health4

walk-for-health4Dave Dunham provided an interesting address at the coffee morning on sniping, with training and tactics therein, during the Great War. Actual guns were displayed which added a further interesting perspective!

A warm welcome was given at the coffee morning to our long-distance member, Jenni Bond, visiting the U.K. from her Tasmanian home.

Scheduled coffee morning speakers are Joe Dyke on ‘Coins and Postcards’ in October and John Talbot on ‘The Royal British Legion’ in November.

The Society participated in both the Cheslyn Hay Society OpenDay and the Scouts celebration on September 27th. Positive feedback has been received from our attendees at both events.

The genealogy and photo review mornings have been re-started. It is planned to continue them on the 4th Thursday morning of each month for the foreseeable future.

It has been suggested that the frequency of magazine production be changed from quarterly to 4 monthly. Members will be consulted for feedback at the October coffee morning.

Maintenance and updating of the Photo Library is under review. Members will be consulted for feedback at the October coffee morning.

A start has been made on the feasibility of visiting the National Brewing Museum and the Imperial War Museum in the spring and summer 2015. Members will be updated as soon as further information is available.